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German Shepherd is said to be one of the most versatile dog breeds in the United States. It is one such breed that is popular in different parts of the world because of its different traits.

They were first founded in the year 1985 and since then they are used for different jobs. Though, German Shepherds dog are also said to be great dogs for home because of their loyalty. But when looking at their other traits, like, bravery, adaptability, and intelligence, they are considered great for different jobs.

At present, German Shepherds Dog are mostly being used in the military and police, other than keeping them as family dogs. But if you are planning to keep them as a pet dog. Then, here are a few things you should know about them.

Appearance of German Shepherds

The German Shepherds breed also comes in variety; one is American and the other one is German. Most German Shepherds are of black and tan or black and red or black and pale grey. But you will also find pure black or white colour.

German Shepherds in different parts of the world. They are typically medium to large and are broad square-headed. Their ears are pointed & erect, the muzzle is long, and the tail is long & bushy.

They are one of those dog breeds which are quite heavy and they may weight in between 35 to 45 kg. They have straight and well-leveled back with straight legs. They look like a perfect muscular dogs and are quite easy to recognize.

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Characteristics of German Shephered

  1. Scientific Named : – Canis lupus familiaris
  2. Origin :– United States
  3. Group :– Hound Group
  4. Coat :– Short, hard
  5. Coat Color :-  White, tri-color, white & cream, blue, red, tan
  6. Height :– 21-25 inches
  7. Weight :– 40-65 pounds
  8. Lifespan :– 10-13 years
  9. Personality :- Kind, independent, loyal and loving 
  10. Hypoallergenic :- No

Size of German Shepherd

Males 24 – 26 inches , and the females 22 – 24 inches.

In general, most German Shepherds have a double coating including an outer coat and an undercoat. But you will also find some German Shepherds which do not have an undercoat. In the case of double coat, the outer coat of German Shepherds is long, straight, dense, and a bit wavy. Their undercoat is quite thick.

Lifespam of German Shepherd

The average lifespan of German Shepherd is up to 9 to 13 years. If taken proper care of, they may last up to 10 to 14 years. Before planning to get a German Shepherds at home, one must make themselves ready according to these things.

When you will be aware of all the information about German Shepherds. Then you will not face any problem in keeping them like a pet dog. It will help in offering a perfect environment for German Shepherds.

Cost of the German shepherd

The average cost of the German Shepherd is around $500 – $2000. The average price is $800 or its depend upon the health and size of the breed.

Personality of German Shepherds

One of the most famous personality traits of German Shepherds is loyalty and intelligence. Though, if not trained well or if left alone, German Shepherds prefer to stay alone and reserved only.

This also leads to aggressive behaviour in them. But if proper training and care are given to them, they tend to be friendly and gentle.

They prefer to stay active that is why it is recommended to take them for long walks or run. Putting them on a leash all the time and not letting them stay active also turns them aggressive. It also makes them lethargic and dull.

German Shepherds also shy away from strangers that is why it is recommended to make them socialize. They are too protective about their family, so socializing will help in making them friendly towards others also. German Shepherds bark louder. But with time and with the right training, it can be controlled according to different situations.

German Shepherds grooming at home

The grooming of every dog varies and especially if we are talking about German Shepherd. For grooming them at home, the first thing you should know is not to bath them too often. Unlike other dogs.

German Shepherds do not require a lot of bathing. As that can cause skin or health issues to them making their skin itchy and dry.

One bath in a month or two months is enough for them. Because due to over bathing, the oil from their fur will strip out and it will affect their coat. They are one of those dog breeds which are odour free and looks quite clean.


To maintain the shine and softness of their coat, they must be brushed around 3 to 4 times every week. It will help in taking off the dead, dull, and loose hair out of their fur. Brushing them also helps in letting them get proper air, as they have a double coat. Also, it helps in minimizing and controlling the shredding.

You can make use of a rake which is like a comb; for brushing their fur. Most German Shepherds shred twice every year. So, during their shedding period, it is good to do brushing every day. For grooming them more effectively, you can also take the help of a professional groomer.

Along with their fur, do take care of the nails of German Shepherds. Especially, if you take them for a walk or run, then do trim their nails after every few weeks. It will help them in walking properly and their nails will be free from dirt also. To take proper care of your dog, you must take them to vets and for grooming also.

German Shepherd training at home

German Shepherd is a very smart dog breed and they are quick learners. This is one of the reasons why they are being used at different jobs. One must start training German Shepherds when they are only 8 weeks old. They may take a few months to get fully trained.

  • Start with basic commands – Whether you have to prepare them for special jobs or only for home, start with basic commands. Like, come, go, sit, run, and a few more such commands that are easy to understand. Remember, when training German Shepherds you need to be calm and patient. Spend time with them daily to help them learn these commands.

  • Regular exercise is required – Take them for a good walk or run. As German Shepherds is active dog breed and they need regular exercise. Be disciplined with the time and use a proper tone to train them. When taking them out for a walk and running, put a leash on them. At times, they may turn wild and aggressive and can become destructive. Also, as their energy level is quite high, so it might become difficult for you to catch them.

  • Socialization is a must for German Shepherds – Do try to socialize them, so that they can become interactive. As these dog breeds prefer to stay aloof, especially around strangers. They may act aggressively or in a strange manner when meeting new people. So, socialization is quite important for them to be gentle around other people as well.

  • As German Shepherds are quite protective about their family – So, they are perfect for the home. By helping them socialize and by giving them proper training, it is possible to make them perfect for the home. Especially, when you have kids at home and you want a gentle dog breed. this breed are perfect companions for kids if they are well trained.

  • Chewing Habits – German Shepherds chew a lot, especially in their growing age. They may end up chewing anything they find at home. They have strong teeth and they may destroy things at home by chewing them. Or if they are not able to chew it, they may end up ruining their teeth. That is why it is recommended to keep some chewable toys made especially for this dog breeds. To keep their teeth healthy, one should also do brushing of their teeth after every few days. Dental hygiene for German Shepherds is also important.

Other than these training, one must give them potty training, no biting training, and leash training. Once they learn these things, give them some household dog training also. One of the most important parts is to train them about the dangerous situation.

You can also take the help of professionals for training them for such situations. You will also find a lot many training toys available at the dog shop for your German Shepherds.

German Shepherd Feeding at home

The eating habits of German Shepherds may vary depending on their age, size, daily activity, and other things. So, do not feed your dog according to how others are feeding. But you must be aware of what all food items are good for your German Shepherds and what not.

The German Shepherd’s feeding habits also vary depending on whether it is a puppy or an adult. Or whether it is a family dog or a military dog. Like human beings, dogs do have certain allergies.

So, do check with the vet also before giving different food items to your German Shepherds. Some German Shepherds are lactose intolerant also, so get it checked before feeding milk to them.

Like human beings, dogs also need protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, and minerals. But give it in proper formulation depending on the factors we have mentioned above. German Shepherds require a lot of protein diet, so do include fish, lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, and eggs in their diet. Similarly, add carbs and fat-rich food also in their diet. Adding proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, help in keeping them healthy and strong. It also helps in maintaining their double coat and its shine.

As German Shepherds remain active most times, they require a lot of fluid also. Make sure that you keep their water bowl filled all the time. To know how much food you should feed them according to their health and condition, do refer to a vet.

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