Corgi Dog Breed Information

corgi dog

What is a corgi Dog? The original corgi is a dog type that comes from Scotland. They are small, white dogs with curly coats. Over the years, however, the breed has become larger and its coat less curvy. It also has a wider nose than the ancestral breeds. The name “Corgie dog” comes from the … Read more

Cocker spaniel Dog breed information

Cocker spaniel dog

History of the dog The cocker spaniel Dog is said to be descended from Spanish watchdogs. Some sources claim these early watches were larger than average but not as large as bloodhounds. Over time, the breed has been selected for its loving nature, intelligence, and physical attributes. Today, expect your puppy to reach maturity around eight … Read more

Dachshund Dog Breed Information

dachshund dog

History of the Dachshund Dog The origin of the Dachshund Dog is still a mystery. Experts believe that there are two different breeds of a Dachshund, short-haired and long hair. Both have unique characteristics which make them very special and desirable. The short-haired breed was originally from Germany, where they are referred to as “Baldur” … Read more

Great Dane Dog

Great Dane Dog

About Great Dane Dog The Great Dane Dog was originally bred to hunt wild boar, but they are unlikely to be successful today. The ferocity required to hunt such a large, cunning animal was eventually bred out of the Great Dane. They’ve matured into a gentle soul who gets along well with other dogs, animals, … Read more

Rottweiler Dog most top 10 breed information

Rottweiler’s are also known as Rotties and Rotts it is a German Breed but its roots are from Roman Mastiffs. In older times Romans visit different places of the world they move their herds and other animals with them. For this purpose, they need a strong and muscular dog, so they develop the Rottweiler breed. … Read more

Golden retriever Dog Top 10 breed information

About Golden retriever The Golden retriever is a great pet. They are amazingly loyal dogs and family-friendly. They’re sweet. They’re gentle. They’re easy-going. They’re intelligent. So they’re very easy to train. They were originally bred for upland and waterfowl retrieval. They still enjoy playing games of fetch. They love to retrieve; they love to be … Read more

German Shepherds Dog Breed Information

German shepherds Dog Breed

German Shepherd is said to be one of the most versatile dog breeds in the United States. It is one such breed that is popular in different parts of the world because of its different traits. They were first founded in the year 1985 and since then they are used for different jobs. Though, German … Read more